Notification of conversion of premises

The place of service provision can be established in a house that was previously used for residential purposes. The conversion of premises must be notified together with the start-up of the activity.

Forms and supporting documentation

  1. Application form
  • 2.1.) Document certifying the entitlement of the applicant to the conversion of premises (title deed of the property, lease contract)
  • 2.2.) Certificate for payment of duty (duty stamp)

In building notification procedures competent authorities are notaries undertaking building authority proceedings in district and local governments. On the PSC contacts of building authorities can be found through the function of office-search. Detailed information on the procedure (steps to be taken to submit the application, forms, deadlines, fees and contacts) is available on the website of the competent authorities as well as the application form (its content is regulated by law). Forms are generally can be filled online and it can be printed. Regarding the format it is in pdf, xls or doc. 

The possibility to electronic administration is excluded by law. Furthermore, competent authorities require duty stamp, which can not be bought online. Supporting documents and declarations must be submitted in original.