Application for certificate of good conduct

The certificate of good conduct can be applied before creation and maintenance of a legal relationship (e.g. employment relationship)or in order to verify that the applicant complies with requirements defined by an act. 


Please ask your employer whether you need a certificate of good conduct or not, and in case the answer is yes, what kind of certificate do they need.


The certificate of good conduct can verify that the individual

  • has not got any record in the register of convicted persons, and/or
  • is not under the effect of deprivation of civil rights, and/or 
  • is not prohibited to exercise a profession or an activity, or
  • complies with requirements defined by a Hungarian act.


The application can be submitted 

  • by mail on an official application form,
  • by phone via Government Customer Line 1818,
  • electronically using the Client Gate at the Hungarian eGovernment portal, where Client Gate identification is required, 
  • personally at the Customer Service of the Criminal Records Authority in Budapest, in case of priority service, 
  • personally at Hungarian Embassies or Consulates abroad.


The certificate of good conduct is free of charge 4 times a year, but there is a consular fee, if the application is submitted at a Hungarian Embassy or Consulate abroad.


The certificate of good conduct is delivered

  • by mail as recorded delivery (in case the application was submitted by mail, by phone or via Client Gate) 
  • personally at the Personal Customer Service Centre in case of priority service,
  • at the diplomatic or consular representation of Hungary.


Length of the process: 8 days (5 days in case of applying in person)