Application for joint tax certificate

For the notification of activity, business entities are obliged to attach a certificate of public dues justifying that they have no dues, in case they previously did not register into the database of taxpayers who fulfill all obligations concerning the payment of public dues . The negative joint tax certificate (11UK12 used in the General Framework Program) concompanys that the company has neither tax nor customs dues in the registration of NAV on the date of issue of the cerificate or on the day asked by the taxpayer in his/her application.


Forms and supporting documentation 

  1. Application for joint tax certificate
  2. Certificate for payment of procedure fees

Application for joint tax certificate can be submitted in electronic way.  More information

In case of electronic submission, the application can be attached with no more than 5-5 scanned document of tif and/or pdf format. Fees of procedure can also be paid in electornic way.

Client gate identification is a required.