A fair shall mean a building, a building complex or a territory, where, in general, several persons carry out seasonal retail activity or occasional retail activities in connection with specific events or calendar days. A market, on the other hand, is a building, a building complex or a territory, where several persons carry out retail activities daily or occasionally on a weekly basis. It is essential to make a difference between the facility manager and operator of a fair or a market:

The distribution of liquefied propane and butane gases and their compounds (hereinafter: LPG gas) in tank or cylinder (hereinafter: distribution of refillable LPG gas cylinders) includes the domestic commercial distribution of LPG gas in tanks or cylinders, its sale to resellers or consumers, transfer on commission to gas retailer in tank or cylinder - for the purposes of sale -, its procurement, storage and filling for the purposes above.

The operation of shopping centres is a service activity for trade purposes. Shopping centres are complex buildings for miscellaneous purposes, where several traders carry out different kinds of permanent trading activities mainly in shops, and spare time-related service activities are also typical of such shopping centres. The operator is the facility manager, or a person appointed by the facility manager, who is responsible for the management and operation duties related to the shopping centre, and entitled to act on behalf of the facility manager.

In Hungary, commercial activities involving the sale of jewellery, ornaments, and other articles made from precious metals are subject to an authorisation. The authorisation is issued by the Assay Authority of the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office.

Trading in pet animals is a service provision activity carried out in pet shops. In the Standard Classification of Economic Activities (TEÁOR'08) it falls under sector 47, the Retail sector, including sub-sector 47.7, Other retail trading of goods not classified elsewhere, and sub-categories 47.76, Ornamental plants, seeds, fertilisers, pet food retail trading, and 47.78, Other retail of new goods not classified elsewhere.

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