The registration of economic organizations and their shops engaged in the trade of precious metal jewellery, articles and ornaments

Application for certificate of good conduct

The certificate of good conduct can be applied before creation and maintenance of a legal relationship (e.g. employment relationship)or in order to verify that the applicant complies with requirements defined by an act. 


Please ask your employer whether you need a certificate of good conduct or not, and in case the answer is yes, what kind of certificate do they need.


The certificate of good conduct can verify that the individual

  • has not got any record in the register of convicted persons, and/or
  • is not under the effect of deprivation of civil rights, and/or 
  • is not prohibited to exercise a profession or an activity, or
  • complies with requirements defined by a Hungarian act.


The application can be submitted 

  • by mail on an official application form,
  • by phone via Government Customer Line 1818,
  • electronically using the Client Gate at the Hungarian eGovernment portal, where Client Gate identification is required, 
  • personally at the Customer Service of the Criminal Records Authority in Budapest, in case of priority service, 
  • personally at Hungarian Embassies or Consulates abroad.


The certificate of good conduct is free of charge 4 times a year, but there is a consular fee, if the application is submitted at a Hungarian Embassy or Consulate abroad.


The certificate of good conduct is delivered

  • by mail as recorded delivery (in case the application was submitted by mail, by phone or via Client Gate) 
  • personally at the Personal Customer Service Centre in case of priority service,
  • at the diplomatic or consular representation of Hungary.


Length of the process: 8 days (5 days in case of applying in person)

Application for joint tax certificate

For the notification of activity, business entities are obliged to attach a certificate of public dues justifying that they have no dues, in case they previously did not register into the database of taxpayers who fulfill all obligations concerning the payment of public dues . The negative joint tax certificate (11UK12 used in the General Framework Program) concompanys that the company has neither tax nor customs dues in the registration of NAV on the date of issue of the cerificate or on the day asked by the taxpayer in his/her application.


Forms and supporting documentation 

  1. Application for joint tax certificate
  2. Certificate for payment of procedure fees

Application for joint tax certificate can be submitted in electronic way.  More information

In case of electronic submission, the application can be attached with no more than 5-5 scanned document of tif and/or pdf format. Fees of procedure can also be paid in electornic way.

Client gate identification is a required.  

In Hungary, commercial activities involving the sale of jewellery, ornaments, and other articles made from precious metals are subject to an authorisation. The authorisation is issued by the Assay Authority of the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office.

The authorisation application form may be downloaded from here (Hungarian).Currently, the application may be filed either in person or via mail. In the application, the applicant must name the activity the he or she wishes to engage in (trading, manufacturing, repair, auctioning). In the case of a commercial activity, the applicant must specify the opening hours and the form of commercial activity that he or she wishes to engage in pursuant to Paragraph 4) Section 3 of Act CLXIV of 2005 on Trade, which may be as follows:

  • Commercial activities carried out in a shop
  • Commercial activities carried out in a shopping centre
  • Commercial activities carried out at a fair or in a market
  • Direct sale (retail sale of products directly to the end user right at the place of manufacturing)
  • Mail order trade (including trade carried out on the Internet in cyberspace)

An authorisation may only be issued to an enterprise whose executive officer, executive employee, or, in the case of an individual entrepreneur, the individual entrepreneur himself or herself has a clean criminal record and is exempt from public debts within the meaning of the Act on the Rules of Taxation.

When submitting the application for registration, an original or certified copy of the following documents must be attached:

  1. the authorisation authorising the operation of the shop issued in accordance with separate rules of law;
  2. an original certificate of no criminal record issued in respect of the trader or the trader’s executive officer dated no earlier than within a period of 3 months prior to submitting the application;
  3. in case of a business association, a specimen signature certified by a notary public;
  4. the receipt certifying that the procedural fee specified for the application for registration procedure in a separate rule of law has been duly paid.

If the trader is not listed in the database of taxpayers exempt from public debts, the application for registration must be accompanied by a public document dated not earlier than 30 days, certifying that at the time of submitting the application for registration the trader qualified as a taxpayer exempt from public debts.

The Authority shall register the trader and the trader’s shop within 15 days from the receipt of the application for registration provided that the trader submitted the application with a full set of the above-listed documents and such documents are complete with the content detailed above.

An administration service fee is payable for registration by the Authority.

The registration fee is HUF 9,200. The fee of data modification is HUF 6,800.

The Authority is responsible for supervising compliance with the stipulations of the rules of law relevant to precious metal articles and their hallmarks. The Hungarian Tax and Financial Control Administration (NAV) also participates in this supervision activity. Any person breaching any obligation related to the sale and hallmarking of precious metal articles may have a fine imposed upon them of up to HUF 100,000.

Form to be used in case of data modification

Information about the procedure


Phone no. in cases of authorisation:

+36-1- 210-2771; +36-1-323-0621

The address of the Authority:

1089 Budapest,

Bláthy Ottó street 3-5,


Office hours in authorisation cases:

  • Monday-Thursday: 9 am – 12 and 1 pm – 3 pm
  • Friday: 9 am - 12


Cross-border service provision

If you wish to launch this service in the form of cross-border service provision, please click here to read the general conditions of cross-border service provision in Hungary.


Rules of law

Act CLXIV of 2005 on Trade

Government Decree 210/2009 (29 September) on the Conditions for Performing Commercial Activities

Decree 35/2011 (14 September) of the Minister of National Economy on the activities of the authorities related to precious metal articles