Trading in pet animals is a service provision activity carried out in pet shops. In the Standard Classification of Economic Activities (TEÁOR'08) it falls under sector 47, the Retail sector, including sub-sector 47.7, Other retail trading of goods not classified elsewhere, and sub-categories 47.76, Ornamental plants, seeds, fertilisers, pet food retail trading, and 47.78, Other retail of new goods not classified elsewhere.

Tour guide services engaged in as part of a gainful business activity cover the detailed on-site presentation and introduction of attractions significant from a tourism point of view and other sites to visitors as well as the provision of related information and, as the case may be, assistance for visitors in the interest of their guidance and orientation in a place which they are not familiar with.

In Hungary, commercial activities involving the sale of jewellery, ornaments, and other articles made from precious metals are subject to an authorisation. The authorisation is issued by the Assay Authority of the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office.

The preliminary vehicle identity check is an official procedure designed to establish the authenticity of the vehicle's identification data and documents. The authority performs the vehicle identity check through inspection stations as contributing entities, and issues an official certificate about the results of the identity check. The attestation activity of the contributing entity involved in the preliminary vehicle identity check (hereinafter: “contributing entity”) is a service activity which is pursued by the inspection station during the identity check.

The building owner/building contractor may delegate an appropriate construction engineering inspector, depending on the nature of the building industrial implementation activity, to represent the contractor on-site. The law may require the employment of a construction engineering inspector. During the entire process of the building industrial implementation activity, the construction engineering inspector facilitates and oversees the observation of the laws, government regulations, standards, contracts and the implementation documents.

The architectural design engineering activity qualifies for the preparation of the architectural design documentation that is necessary for the construction, extension, renovation, conversion, reconstruction, modernization, demolition or transportation of a physical structure, a component of a physical structure, or the combination of physical structures, or for the modification of their function.

Services aimed at the operation of natural bathing resorts are services tied to a licence provided in respect of natural waters authorised for bathing purposes and the attached shore line areas, as part of which the service provider offers bathing services in the designated area operated by the service provider as a bathing resort. In the Standard Classification of Economic Activities (TEÁOR'08), services aimed at the operation of natural bathing resorts fall into Sports, Entertainment and Leisure-Time Activities Sector 93; more specifically, into sub-secto

Property management land surveyor activity is a service which includes the making of state land surveying basic maps, the managing of the works needed for entering changes in such maps, and the signing, examination, and quality certification of such work items.  The property management land surveyor activity is classified in the Standard Classification of Economic Activities (TEÁOR'08 = NACE Rev.

As defined in the Act on the general rules for the commencement and pursuit of service activities, private employment placement activities constitute the totality of activities aimed at promoting the meeting of job seekers and employers for the purpose of establishing legal relationship aimed at employment, also including the mediation of Hungarian nationals outside Hungary, and of foreign nationals to Hungary.

Music and dance events are public, not private events that are organised either regularly, or for a particular occasion or at a point of time, with a selected album launch presentation or live show as a main activity; there is no numbered seating and no entry tickets are necessary.


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